Introductory Step-by-Step Video Guide.

The US federal government is the world's largest -- $10.1 trillion marketplace. 

Learn how to get US federal grants and contracts from the federal government for your startup, micro, small, mid-size, large business, or nonprofit. You can also apply the same methodology to state and local governments in the US as well as winning business in foreign governments. 


Federal Business Accelerator (Bundle)

Business Partnerships Marketplace (Bundle)


00:00 Why win government contracts and grants? 

01:15 Four strategies to win government contracts and grants 

02:50 Short case study by federal CIO to win government opportunities 

04:25 Understand the big government contracting and grant opportunities

05:30 Get involved in the government contracts and grants! 

06:30 Check out the federal opportunities on government sites 

07:20 Identify your NAICS and FCS codes 

07:50 Obtain your DUNS number 

08:19 Register in 

09:40 Plan a federal business strategy to win BIG

10:20 Investigate set-aside certifications for your company 

11:30 Understand federal acquisitions regulations 

12:20 Build a capable federal ecosystem of business partners

13:04 Offer innovative products and services to the government

13:40 Federal market development program to win contracts and grants 

15:02 Federal sales acceleration to win contracts and grants

16:10 Winning Proposal Writing for government contracts and grants

16:40 Learn to deliver Peak Performance to the government

17:20 In summary - how to win BIG? 


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    Introductory Course

    • How to Get Government Contracts and Grants?