How to Select the Best Education Consultant for Study in the USA?

Questions to Ask with Best Option to Select!

The Big Questions for Education Consultants!

Do you want to select the right college major, then win admission and financial aid in the best US colleges or universities, and do it all at the lowest out of pocket cost for you? 

Then stop seeking any advice from “expert” educational consultants who have never studied or been to the US! Here are the five selection questions to ask them:

A) Education consultant - have you been in the US before?

B) Education consultant - have you studied in the US before?

C) Education consultant - have you secured financial aid from US colleges?

D) Education consultant - have you had a successful career in the US?

E) Education consultant - are you getting commissions from US colleges?

Study in USA Self Paced Education Consulting

You don’t want to ever select an education consultant who does not have the correct or up to date information about studies admission, financial aid, scholarships and career development in the US. There are three types of education consultants available today for international students and parents:

1. The "Free" Educational Consultants Overseas (Cost - $$$$$): 

Such educational consultants typically represent “lower tier" US universities and colleges and get paid high commission for helping such universities find international students like you. The international students (you) pay full price for studying at such institutions in the US. While you may not be paying the consultant directly, you are paying thousands of dollars more than if you have negotiated directly with the college! Our advice, don’t use such educational consultants who work for universities on a commission basis. If a consultant is free to you — he/she is making money from the university and you are paying for it! 

2. The Fee-Based Education Consultants Overseas (Cost - $$$):

Such education consultants offer educational services in return for fees. These fees can range from $1,000 to as high as $10,000, annually. Some of these are worth in gold, especially if they can help get you into a top tier (top 50 US national university) or help you secure financial aid and scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars or maybe both. Don’t pay for such educational consultants the high fees if they are helping you secure third tier college admissions and offering you no help to secure financial aid or low-cost loans. You are much better off with the self-paced consulting below! 

3. Self-Paced, Education Consulting Directly from the US (Cost - $):

These are the new, comprehensive, affordable, self-paced, digital programs for international students and their parents for US college admissions, financial aid, and career growth planning and strategy. They offer step-by-step, self-paced programs, directly from the US with complete guidance for US college admissions and financial aid for international students. They typically cost around $100-$300 per year and provide the most updated Information via internet connected computers. These provide the best price/performance for students and parents on a budget. They also offer free previews or trials

In Summary: 

Not all US educational institutions are created equal. What university or college to study and what degree to pursue in the US can make the difference between building a winning career and wasting your money. Understand what questions to ask your educational consultant so you benefit the most. Join the free preview for counseling for Study in the USA by clicking this link.