Why ScaleUP USA?

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  • Learn how to sell to the government buyers, contractors, systems integrators, service providers, and suppliers.

  • Educate government buyers, 24 x 7, 365 days, digitally, via curated videos and programs of your transformative products or services.

  • Seek or offer partnerships within the government ecosystem to develop government markets.

Why Federal?

$10T Vs. $130B

The US federal government is the world’s largest, and also a recession-proof marketplace! In 2021, The US federal government spent around $7.5 trillion on grants and fixed charges and an additional $1.1 trillion on contracts and supplies. The federal government also directly or indirectly employs over 9 million federal employees, contractors, and others. Just to compare the entire venture capital industry in the US invested approximately $130B in the US in 2021.

Yet, less than 1% of all the 32+ million businesses in the US ever registered to do business with the US federal government! Even a lesser number of organizations know how to do business with the "Feds." The result is that the "winners" keep "winning" and the "losers" keep losing!

Do you have a transformative or innovative product for the government? Do you want to win or win more? Are you doing or planning to do business with the federal government? Don't waste time, effort, and resources doing the wrong things at the wrong time! Learn the methods and best practices, seasoned professionals use to establish and grow their federal supplier or contracting business!

The Federal Government Opportunity | ScaleUP USA

Our Approach to Federal Growth

The Six ScaleUP Commandments!

  • Stop Selling.

    No one likes salespersons!

  • Educate Buyers.

    Buyers are hungry for knowledge!

  • Build Partnerships.

    Partnerships open growth doors.

  • Develop Markets.

    Developing your markets is key!

  • Generate Demand.

    Demand follows market development.

  • Achieve Success.

    Success follows demand generation.

Our Transformative Programs!

Join or Partner with Us!

  • Federal Acceleration

    Entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and government contractors -- join our ever-growing collection of bundled, self-paced, digital courses and workshops to learn how to win government contracts and grants. Learn More...

  • Federal Marketplace

    Educate government buyers, 24 x 7, digitally, via curated videos of transformative products or services; create awareness, trust, influence, champions, and a community of interest for your company with a limited sales team. Learn More...

  • Services Showcase

    If you provide valuable services to the government contractors or suppliers, discuss why you do it (problem), what you do (solution), and how it helps customers (benefits) via short digital videos on our platform. Learn More...

  • Industry Powered Learning

    Build a sophisticated educational pitch for the government and contractors by creating an industry-powered learning program to educate government markets, reduce the cost of sales, and improve the scale of sales. Learn More...

  • Economic Accelerators

    We work with non-profits, universities, adult-education centers, workforce development centers, as well as economic development organizations to create local growth accelerators to attract federal dollars. Learn More...

  • Career Trajectory Club

    Join the affordable, quality, self-paced college planning and preparation program for high-schoolers and youth to study in the US! Prepare today for a high-quality college education, degree, and a global career! Learn More...

Next Gen Business Acceleration

Micro-learning Based Knowledge!

  • Byte Size Content

    Valuable content in "byte-sized" chunks for easy assimilation.

  • Precise Knowledge

    Focused, precise, targeted knowledge for immediate, high impact.

  • Fresh Content

    Produced at the speed of change to keep learning fresh and interesting.

  • Video-Based

    Video-based, interactive, and engaging to keep up with today's mindset.

  • On-Demand

    Just in time, digital, and on-demand for any time, anywhere learning.

  • 365 Days Access

    Reinforcement and retainment focused. Learn to repeat. Repeat to learn.

  • 100% Online Program

    No need to pack your bags. Work from anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

  • No Equity Dilution

    We work on a refreshing model of cost plus share of revenues. Keep your equity!

  • US and International

    For startups, businesses, and nonprofits interested in US government opportunities.

What People Say!

Industry Powered. Delivered by Experts

  • CEO, Small Technology Business

    "Bold and Innovative Growth Learning Program for Employees and Job Applicants for Businesses of Any Size or Sectors."

  • Dean, International University

    "Ideal Program for Businesses and Universities for Expanding Transformative and Innovative Products in Government."

  • President, Economic Development

    "The Magnet for Creating Innovations and Transformations in Government with Businesses and Universities."

Our Unique Ecosystem

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You Asked. We Answered!

  • Are your programs for the federal government only?

    No. While our focus is the US federal government, we encourage businesses to use our program to start working with the governments first at a local and state level to gain confidence, expertise, and experience and then advance onto the larger and more complex federal sector.

  • Do you provide services in Washington DC only?

    No. While we are based out of the Washington DC metro region, our programs are typically online, digital, video-based, delivered 24 x 7, 365 days, and available globally.

  • Do you accept foreign companies in the program?

    Yes. While the US federal government primarily focuses on US-based companies, our program can be used by foreign companies to learn how to work with Western governments and even to improve their performance with their national governments.

  • How much equity do you take in companies?

    We typically do NOT take any equity in the companies we work with. Our arrangement includes payment of the upfront cost and a share of the revenues generated.

  • What share of revenues do you normally take?

    Our revenue share arrangements are typically for our Federal Marketplace, Service Providers Showcase, and Industry Power Learning programs and are 5% of the sales achieved either directly to the government or through any of our partners including our distributors, resellers, contractors, and service providers network.

  • What is the Federal Marketplace Program?

    The Federal Marketplace is an introductory video-based program to educate buyers on your products and services. It is jointly hosted with other companies in the Federal Marketplace and requires an investment of around $2,999 yearly subscription plus a 5% revenue share of the sales either directly to the government due to ScaleUP USA’s introductions or facilitations or through the efforts of any of our partners including our distributors, resellers, contractors and service providers network.

    Once you sign-up for the program, we will contact you via email to guide you through the steps to set up this program including how you can create the most impactful video for your company’s product or service.

    The program auto-renews at the end of the subscription unless canceled through the customer's admin console before it renews.

  • What is the Industry Powered Learning Program?

    The Industry Powered Learning program is an individualized, sophisticated educational program hosted on our site with its own landing page and educational video curriculum targeting buyers, contractors, partners, current and future employees, and preliminary customer training.

    This program typically requires an investment of $60K per year plus a 5% revenue share it has the potential to make substantial returns if designed and executed properly by the customer. For more information about this program visit the program description page and then send a formal inquiry through the contact us link below in the footer.

  • Who develops the company videos for the programs?

    Since we want authentic educational videos developed by experts with experience in the field we encourage the company videos for the Federal Marketplace and the Industry Powered Learning to be developed in-house in the company using local company expertise. Flashy, marketing-type videos do not generally generate the kind of response customers typically seek from government buyers! Scaleup USA is available to provide guidance on the content and curriculum for such videos.

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