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HedQtrs uses the fusion of AI-powered RGB vision and thermal imaging technologies for fire fighting, search and rescue, land mine clearance, and other novel application areas possible!

  • Machine Vision

    Machine vision is the ability of a computer to see; it employs one or more video cameras, analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), and digital signal processing (DSP).

  • Thermal Imaging

    A method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects' infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information.

  • Top Tier Team

    Led by a team of University of Toronto researchers, Vector Institute affiliated professors, and Obama Administration executives helping deliver innovative AI to government.

What is "AI for Government" Program?

Learn foundational skills around Artificial Intelligence and the unique opportunities for applying it in the government. A program by industry leader and expert HedQtrs.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The study of the broader class of algorithms and techniques used to model human-like intelligent behavior in computers.

  • Machine Learning (ML)

    A branch of AI that focuses on using math and statistics to allow for computers to automatically learn through training data.

  • Reinforcement Learning (RL)

    A branch of AI and ML that aims to learn how to take optimal actions in some systems to maximize the cumulative reward.

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Why Governments Must Focus on AI for Next-Generation Services!

Article: The 10 Perfect Reasons for Governments to Focus on Understanding and Implementing Artificial Intelligence Focused Citizen and Business Services!
Why Work With the Federal Government?

Who is this Program for?

Make sure you're in the right place.

  • Beginner to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Reinforcement Learning

  • Minimal technical fluency. No STEM / Computer Science degree required

  • Government executives trying to understand how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Government contractors wanting to learn how to integrate AI into their offering

  • Startups trying to understand how to work with government on AI, ML, and RL

  • Distributors and resellers interested in identifying and marketing AI products

  • Buyers of technology interested in new applications of AI in government

  • AI consultants and integrators interested in working with the government

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AI Use Cases We Discuss!

The Next Frontier for the Government!

  • Use Case 1: Autonomous Transportation

    Imagine truly autonomous public transportation with 100% up-time. With advancements in deep reinforcement learning and computer vision.

  • Use Case 2: Intelligent

    Use Natural Language Processing techniques to autonomously and intelligently analyze hundreds of pages of legal, procurement and financial documents and the various effects.

  • Use Case 3: Augmented Agencies

    Use artificial intelligence techniques like computer vision and deep learning to detect high dimensional suspicious patterns to protect our nation's most important assets.

What Will You Learn?

Also, Check Out the Program Curriculum Below!

  • Understand the current AI landscape

  • Understand what and what isn't realistic in AI

  • Understand the fundamentals of ML and RL

  • Understand applications of computer vision

  • Understand applications of natural language processing

  • Understand applications of robotics

  • Understand the ethical concerns of AI

  • Understand challenges in data collection and handling

  • Understand the risks of biases and stereotypes in AI

  • Understand the security risks of machine learning

Program Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to AI for Government

    • Who is this course for?

    • About me

  • 2


    • What CAN'T AI do?

    • What is AI?

    • Traditional Search

    • Machine Learning

    • Deep Learning

    • Reinforcement Learning - Understanding the behavior

    • Reinforcement Learning - Don't be greedy!

  • 3


    • Introduction

    • Computer Vision 101

    • Use Cases of Computer Vision

    • Natural Language Processing 101

    • Use Cases of Natural Language Processing

    • Robotics 101

    • Use Cases of Robotics

  • 4


    • Unique Challenges

    • The Ethics of AI

    • The Biases of AI

    • Data Integrity and Quality

    • How to Handle Data?

    • Fooling Machine Learning - Adversarial Attack

    • What's next?

  • 5


    • Use Case 1: Agriculture

    • Use Case 2: Transportation

    • Use Case 3: Homeland Security

    • Use Case 4: Health Care

    • Use Case 5: Defence

    • Use Case 6: Intelligence Agencies

  • 6


    • Building a AI Program Office

    • Managing a AI Project

    • Data Capture and Labeling

    • Components for Data Capture

    • Hardware Infrastructure for AI

    • Software Tools and Techniques

    • AI Partners and Service Providers

  • 7


    • Opportunity to work with HedQtrs

    • Opportunity in Government

    • Preparing for Entry and Growth

    • Building a Compliant Product

    • Market Development in the Government Agencies

    • Marketing in with Government Contractors

    • Implementing AI Projects in Government

    • Supporting AI Projects in Government

    • Creating Your Own Startup Ecosystem

Rohan Pradhan

Course Instructor | Artificial Intelligence for Government

Rohan is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Launch Dream, where he focuses on sourcing and vetting cutting-edge technologies and companies for the public sector while also helping instill transformative visioning, as well as strategic, disruptive, and continuous transformation within organizations.

Rohan is also the CTO of ScaleUP USA and the founder of HedQTR, online AI platform focused on helping businesses grow revenues and profits and build thriving communities with companies, jobs, and competitiveness. These platforms will utilize cutting-edge deep learning techniques, like neural networks, to match supply and demand amongst businesses globally.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the top-ranked McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he was also a researcher in the Mobile Robotics Lab. He is following this with a graduate research degree in Computer Engineering from the world-renowned University of Toronto, where he is focusing his research on secure machine learning and robust artificial intelligence systems.

Rohan also authors publications for the McGill Student Business Review in the areas of Venture Capital, Technology, and Innovation.