What is Career Trajectory?

#1 High-Quality, Digital, Self-Paced, Affordable, College Admissions Consultants!

Which Option Will You Choose?

  • Option 1: Go Alone Strategy?

    Here, your high schoolers plan and execute the college application process alone. This strategy is risky, unsound, speculative, and potentially hazardous to their future career.

  • Option 2: Education Consultant?

    Here, parents engage a pricey college admission consultant for applications. This strategy is costly, reliant, inflexible, time-consuming, and dependent on the consultant.

  • Option 3: Join Career Trajectory?

    Here, students + parents work collaboratively using the self-paced, affordable Career Trajectory college admissions consulting program to build winning college applications.

Career Trajectory's Focus:

College Admission + Financial Aid + Career Guidance

Digital | Self-Paced | Comprehensive | Proven | World-Wide
Affordable College Admissions Consultants

  • 1. Prepare For College

    Learn how to plan, prepare, apply and attend premium US colleges and universities affordably.

  • 2. Don't Make Mistakes

    Don’t make costly mistakes when you are spending $80,000-$240,000 while doing a degree in the US.

  • 3. Less Than $1.5/Day

    US college admissions consulting cost $2,700-47,000 per program. Ours is less than $10/month!

Why Join Career Trajectory?

Our Facts | Benefits | Results

We Use the Latest Microlearning Technology Platform to Deliver Our Self-Paced, Affordable, College Admissions Consultants Program!

  • Over 100 Videos!

    Watch what programs you want, when you want them, where you want them! Repeat programs as needed!

  • Sophisticated Platform!

    Easy to use, affordable program available on any Internet-connected laptop or desktop!

  • Family Access!

    Available globally for students and their parents to secure career development guidance.

  • Continuously Updated!

    We update our program on a continuous basis, so you have the best information at hand!

  • Very Affordable!

    Low cost. High value. Pay as you go program. Designed for the US and international students!

  • Low Risk for Parents!

    Start now. Cancel anytime, no questions asked. No large upfront commitment for students.

  • Transparent Pricing!

    We don't hide our pricing or make it complicated. Our pricing is fair, consistent, and predictable.

  • Digital Workshops!

    We routinely add workshops with/on US colleges and universities regarding admission insights.

  • Comprehensive Program!

    Check out our most comprehensive, affordable, college admissions consulting curriculum!

Experts Are Talking Behind Our Back!

Check Us Out!

"Even the free preview section is valuable and interesting."

Adult Education Center Director

"Every high-school student should complete the "program your mind for success" chapter."

US High-School College Counselor

"The international students-parents section helped me decide in favor of US college education!

Parent of an International Student

"The university admission workshops are in depth and help you think of how to select the right college"

US Parent of High-Schooler

"We followed the timeline section and applied to colleges stress free and successfully"

Parent of International Student

"The "selecting the optimum college major" section helped me select AI major instead of maths major"

US Master's Student

"Wow, the building a strong personal brand section is a winner for college applicants"

Master's / Ph.D. Applicant

"We were going after "costly" colleges; this program helped us find "value"colleges."

Parent of a High-School Student

"I like there 3-3-3, 4-4-4, and 5-5-5 college application strategy for assured admissions."

College Admissions Director

"Their "creating a strong college application" section is the best on the internet."

College Recruiting Professional

Career Trajectory's

Pricing Plan for Every Budget!

We use the highly secure Stripe payment system for receiving payment for our program. Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies in their native currency. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and China UnionPay credit and debit cards using Stripe. If you have questions, please contact us: scaleupusa(at)launchdream.us

College Admissions Consultants

Career Trajectory's Founder's Video!

Career Trajectory's

Digital Video Curriculum

Check Out What You Will Learn!

    1. Introduction to Career Trajectory

    2. College is an Investment

    3. Student Mistake #1

    4. Student Mistake #2

    5. Student Mistake #3

    6. Student Mistake #4

    7. Student Mistake #5

    8. Student Mistake #6

    9. Student Mistake #7

    10. Student Mistake #8

    11. Student Mistake #9

    12. Student Mistake #10

    13. Bonus Resource Introduction

    14. Bonus Resource Overview

    15. Bonus Resource Preview

    16. Issues | Feedback

    1. Program Your Mind for Success

    2. Programming for Success

    3. Success is NOT Accidental

    4. Simple is NOT Easy

    5. What is Success?

    6. Force Multipliers for Success

    7. The Zip Code Rule

    8. Begin with End in Mind

    9. Success is Incremental

    10. Your Path to Success

    11. Grit: Turning Failure into Success

    12. Success is Suffering and Sacrifice

    13. Success = Lifelong Learning

    14. The Next Frontier in Learning

    15. Struggle and Sacrifice Wins

    16. Selecting the Right College Major

    17. Controlling Your College Costs

    18. Successfully Paying for College

    19. Successfully Controlling College Debt

    20. Associating with the USA

    21. Why Study in the USA?

    1. Introduction for International Students

    2. What is your Objective to go to the US?

    3. Questions for Educational Consultants

    4. International Students in USA

    5. International Students Academics

    6. Origins & Destinations for Intl. Students

    7. Typical Sources of Funding

    8. Success Factors for Coming to US

    9. Quick Tips for International Students

    10. Quick Survey!

    1. # 1st Strategic Question for Students

    2. # 2nd Strategic Question for Students

    3. # 3rd Strategic Question for Students

    4. Quick Survey!

    1. Application Timeline Strategy Overview

    2. Planning in the Freshman Year

    3. Planning in the Sophomore Year

    4. Planning in the Junior Year

    5. Planning in the Senior Year

    6. Quick Survey!

    1. Basics for Selecting the College Major

    2. #1 Resource for Selecting Major

    3. #2 Resource for Selecting Major

    4. #3 Resource for Selecting Major

    5. #4 Resource for Selecting Major

    6. #5 Resource for Selecting Major

    7. Quick Survey!

    8. Directory for Selecting US College Majors

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 176 lessons
  • 14.5 hours of video content

How Career Trajectory Helped A US Family!

John Gonzalez Case Study!

Before Career Trajectory:

John Gonzalez owns a small landscaping business. He would like his daughter to get a good college degree. But since he has never been in college, he is unsure of the application process, what major to apply for, which colleges to apply to, or how to even complete a strong application. His daughter’s high school has one college admissions career counselor who is very busy. John searches for college admissions consultants online who are charging anywhere between $5,400-$42,500 for consulting. John doesn’t want to spend his money on college admission consultants but wants to reserve it for paying the tuition fee. John is scared and anxious for his daughter.

After Career Trajectory:

John hears about Career Trajectory from one of the PTO members who has used the program before and was very happy about it. John joins the Career Trajectory online program and gets access to the entire program at less than $1.5 a day. John, his wife Sarah, and their daughter all watch the video program on their Internet-connected computer and discuss the strategy in the Career Trajectory program. They form a clear plan for application based on the self-paced college admission consulting guidance given in the program. They pick the 3-3-3 strategy. They also decided that the best major for their daughter would be in the field of architecture.

Impact of Career Trajectory:

They apply confidently and secure admission in most of the colleges that they apply to. Their daughter now has a wide choice of colleges to select from and pay affordable tuition. Thanks to Career Trajectory their college application process was stress-free, planned, and effective. Plus, the entire process was very affordable and timely. They believe they have saved $64,000 by selecting the “value” in-state university versus the private college that they originally wanted to apply for. Plus, the major they selected for the daughter has high growth potential. They would recommend the Career Trajectory program to friends and family!

How Career Trajectory Helped an International Family!

Rajiv Shah Case Study!

Before Career Trajectory

Rajiv Shah lives in Mumbai India and owns a small software development shop. His son is going to the 10th standard. He wants his son to be very successful and believes that international college education would be better for him than local education. But he has many questions. Where should his son apply for college – US, Canada, UK, or Australia? When should the son go abroad – after 10th, after 12th, or after his bachelor’s degree? What college major should his son select? He reaches out to local Indian college admission consultants, but most receive kickbacks from certain colleges and only recommend those colleges. He’s confused and anxious for his son.

After Career Trajectory

Rajiv finds and joins the Career Trajectory program while searching on the Internet for “Study in the USA after 10th.” He likes the fact that the program is delivered directly from the Washington DC metro region and does not receive kickbacks. He also likes that the program is digital, self-paced, and focused on the entire family versus just the student. He wants to be involved in this son’s college application process. He also likes the fact that the program is very affordable and has an open enrollment policy so they can join immediately. He sees that the program is comprehensive, holistic, and covers topics that a parent and student may be interested in.

Impact of Career Trajectory

They apply confidently using the 4-4-4 application strategy for bachelor’s in ‘AI” in the USA due to its high quality of education, the strong technology sector, and low Covid rates. They secure admission in most of the colleges they apply to. Thanks to Career Trajectory their college application process was stress-free, planned, and effective. Plus, the entire process was very affordable and timely. They believe they have saved over $58,000 by selecting the “value” university versus what the Indian consultants were suggesting. Plus, the major they selected for their daughter has high growth potential. They would recommend the Career Trajectory program to friends and family!

Nitin Pradhan Program Director

Former Obama-Biden Appointee and Federal Executive

Nitin Pradhan started his entrepreneurial career by building one of the first affordable college admissions consulting businesses with his wife in India and helped thousands of students secure admission and financial aid in the USA.

He later migrated to the USA and become a successful technology executive including being part of the first Obama-Biden administration as the Federal CIO of the US Department of Transportation (US DOT).

This Career Trajectory program was conceived, designed, researched, planned, and implemented by Mr. Nitin Pradhan and his team of dedicated researchers. Nitin has a BS in Engineering, an MBA in Marketing, and MS in Accounting and has studied in the US on a fellowship, debt-free!

Nitin, a social entrepreneur, has 25+ years of experience in delivering results-focused innovation, transformation, and business as well as career expansion in organizations. Nitin has led major organizations, created partnerships with world-class universities, worked for top-tier school districts, and coached and trained hundreds of students and interns for successful careers.

Career Trajectory is not a business for Nitin, it is his passion for the future of our country and the world at large for the middle-class families and students to achieve the American dream of quality college and university education!

Come, join Nitin to make this world a better place for all our children! If you cannot afford to pay for the program ask for our need-based fellowships.

Nitin Pradhan - Affordable College Admissions Consulting

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Career Trajectory's

Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked; We Answered

  • What does the Career Trajectory program contain?

    We have developed a comprehensive and affordable career guidance program with advice, methodology, tools, techniques, procedures, tips, and tricks gathered from the US and international students, teachers, counselors, and career experts and made it available to you via short, self-paced, pre-built digital videos using internet-connected desktop or laptop. In this program, we tell the hard truths and the cold facts every 15 to 30-year-old (and their parents) need to know to succeed in the 21st century! Now you have access to the best information for career success, directly from the USA for the US and international high school and college students and young adults.

  • For whom is this self-study, digital program for?

    This self-study program is for the US and international students and youth aged 15-30 (and their parents) who are interested in selecting the best major for college studies, securing admission, financial aid, scholarships, and US student visa for studying in the USA at a bachelors, masters, or Ph.d., program and building a global, successful career. It provides planning tips and tricks the US and international "experts" and seasoned college and job applicants have used to be successful in their careers.

  • What academic levels are addressed in the program?

    This program addresses applying for associates, bachelors, masters, Ph.D., and exchange programs in the USA. It is the most affordable, comprehensive, digital, on-demand, self-study "career counseling" program available anywhere in the world. Start for free with our foundational program and then join the premium subscription service only if you like us!

  • How early or at what age should I start the program?

    This program is for students aged 15-30 (and their parents). For best results join as early as possible within this age range as defining the career trajectory and direction is best achieved earlier on in your career. Continue the program until you have achieved your career goals.

  • How long does it take to complete the program?

    This program is available digitally, on-demand, using the internet-connected computer or laptop, and can be completed in a couple of months if worked on over the weekend intensely. However, it is preferred that the program is used as a reference guide during the youth ages of 15-30. Plus, we keep on adding new content regularly!

  • Do we need to meet in person to join the program?

    No. The program is designed to be self-paced, on-demand, available digitally over the internet using your desktop, laptop, tablet. If you have questions, you can submit them through the platform and will answer them online or build a new curriculum to address it and upload it on the platform.

  • What are the expected results due to this program?

    This program will typically help the US and international students understand, plan, and apply for study in the USA systematically, reduce the cost of the study, secure quality college admissions, seek financial aid, help establish a successful career and have the superior US or global living experience.

  • How can I make an online payment for the program?

    We use the highly secure Stripe payment system for receiving payment for our program in the US and internationally. Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies in their native currency. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and China UnionPay credit and debit cards using Stripe.