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Traditional "BD" Is Dead!

Have You Automated Prospecting and Qualifying?

The US federal government is the world’s largest customer spending approximately over $10 trillion annually through grants, contracts and other areas on products and services each year. However, the federal government is evolving and the federal business development techniques that worked a decade ago are no longer effective.

In today's world of IDIQs and task orders, you need to build trust and influence with the federal buyer. You need to create internal champions and a community of interest in the federal client base. But how do you do that? Enter Smart Federal Business Development with automated prospecting and qualifying.

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Program Endorsements

Why Should You Join?

  • Start-Up Company Executive

    "An affordable, compact, and innovative program that can transform government sales for VC funded companies."

  • Government Reseller

    "A must-have program for our OEM's to partner with for automated prospecting and sales lead qualification."

  • Small Federal Contractor

    "Now we can match the size of the sales teams of the large contractors and compete effectively and efficiently!"

What Will You Learn?

Key Takeaways from the Program

  • Why is traditional business development not working?

  • What is smart business development?

  • Why is it needed to win federal business?

  • Business development vs. market development

  • How to develop federal markets?

  • Top strategies for implementation.

  • BD growth formula = learn, plan, act, and win.

Federal Business Development

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Instructor

    • Nitin Pradhan, Ex-Federal CIO

  • 3

    US Federal Government Opportunity

  • 4

    US Venture Capital Marketplace

    • VC's vs. the Feds!

  • 5

    The Business Capture Dilemma

    • Why Sales Calls Fail?

  • 6

    The Program Objective

  • 7

    What is Market Development?

    • What is Market Development?

  • 8

    Smart Business Development

    • Winning More With Less!

  • 9

    The Lost Triangle

    • Getting to the Ground Level

  • 10

    Organic Buying Model

    • Why Does Government Buy?

  • 11

    Inside Out vs. Outside In

    • The Difference in Perspectives

  • 12

    Bottom Up vs. Top Down

    • The Customer Pitches

  • 13

    Building Trust vs. Coverage

    • Why Both are Required?

  • 14

    Building Influence vs. Sales

    • Becoming an Influencer

  • 15

    Push vs. Pull Communications

    • Push vs. Pull Marketing

  • 16

    Legacy Sales Techniques

    • Do Not Work. Why?

  • 17

    Government vs. Non Government Channels

    • Using Non Government Channels

  • 18

    Learning vs. Brand Centric Models

    • Foundational Learning Approach

  • 19

    Peak Performance Management

    • Why just Selling is Insufficient?

  • 20

    Market Development Program

    • Market Development Lifecycle

  • 21

    What do We Do?

    • What is Our Role?

  • 22

    The Use Cases

    • Where can we Engage?

  • 23

    The First Mover Advantage

    • Early Bird Catches the Worm

Federal Business Development Program

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Federal Business Development Program

FAQ: You Asked; We Answered

  • Who should join the program?

    This program is for business owners/leaders, business development teams, sales and marketing teams, business capture and proposal teams, channel partner managers as well as product and sales engineers.

  • How long is this program?

    This program is for approximately one-hour duration.

  • What will you learn from this program?

    You will learn about the latest "smart business and automated market development" methodology. It reduces your sales-cost and increases efficiency and effectiveness of your federal business development.

  • What knowledge is required to take this course?

    You only need a basic understanding of the federal government, marketing, and sales.