What are the US Federal Government Employment Opportunities?

The US federal government is the largest employer in the US employing over seven million men and women as federal employees, federal contractor employees, and federal grant employees. Are you ready to join?

Federal Employee Opportunities
Federal Contractor Job Opportunities
Federal Grants Job Opportunities

Why Work With the Federal Government?

Top Nine Reasons Why You Should Work with the Federal Government!

  • The Government is Hiring!

    The federal government hires in good times and bad times! Even right now!

  • Excellent Pay and Benefits!

    The average salaries in the federal government are higher than in the private sector.

  • Jobs Across the US!

    The federal government hires in Washington DC and all across the US, even internationally.

  • Jobs for Every Major!

    The federal government has exceptional career opportunities for every college major.

  • Opportunities for Advancement!

    The federal government promotion policy is fair and equitable. Training is plentiful too.

  • Great Work-life Balance!

    Flexible work schedules, including telework, good vacation packages, and sick leave.

  • Exceptional Job Security!

    Government work is steady and secure and typically opportunities grow in rough economic times.

  • Jobs at All Levels!

    The federal government offers career opportunities all the way from entry to executive level.

  • Pay for School Loans

    Many federal agencies can help pay back up to $10,000 per year in student loans.

The Federal Government Hiring Paths!

The Federal Government Offers Unique Hiring Paths to Help Hire Individuals that Represent Our Diverse Society Including the General Public, Current or Former Federal Employees, and Senior Executives.

  • Students & Recent Grads

    Students or recent graduates may be eligible for federal internships and job opportunities.

  • US Forces Veterans

    Opportunities for active duty armed forces and were separated under honorable conditions.

  • Individuals with Disabilities

    Individuals with disabilities can apply and compete for any job for which they are eligible.

  • Native Americans

    American Indian or an Alaskan Native who are members of one of the federally recognized tribes.

  • National Guard & Reserves

    Member of the National Guard, or persons willing and able to join the National Guard.

  • Peace Corps & AmeriCorps

    Peace Corps or AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers may qualify for non-competitive eligibility.

  • Military Spouses

    Military spouses may be eligible to apply using a non-competitive process to apply.

  • Family of Overseas Employees

    Family of federal employees, or uniformed service members, who are or have worked overseas.

  • Special Authorities

    Other special hiring paths to help hire individuals that represent our diverse society.

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Program Curriculum

Microlearning | Videos | Self-paced | Available 24 X7 | Globally

  • 2

    Do You Know These Facts?

    • Fact 1. True Size of Federal Government

    • Fact 2. USA Spending Information

    • Fact 3. Federal Spending Patterns

    • Fact 4. Age of Federal Employees

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    • External Web Resources

  • 3

    Paths to Federal Opportunities

    • Searching for US Government Jobs

    • Paths to Federal Opportunities

    • Exploring Federal Hiring Paths

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    • Paths Students and Recent Grads

    • Virtual Student Internship Program

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    • Direct Hiring Authority Path

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  • 4

    Federal Career Insider Details

    • Federal Occupational Groups

    • Federal Occupational Outlook

    • Building Educational Qualifications

    • Federal Grades and Steps

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  • 5

    Understanding the Application Process

    • Overview of Federal Application

    • Exploring USA Jobs (Discussions)

    • USA Jobs Website Process

    • Exploring USA Jobs (Demo)

    • External Video Resource

  • 6

    Components of Federal Applications

    • Building a Federal Resume

    • Building a Federal Cover Letter

    • Federal HR Rating and Ranking

    • How to Qualify for Federal Jobs?

    • Showcasing Your Volunteer Experience

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    • Interviewing for the Federal Job

    • Negotiating with the Federal Government

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You asked, we answered!

  • Who should join this program?

    This program is directed at persons who are exploring a career with the federal government as (a) Federal Employee, (b) Federal Contractor Employee, and (c) Federal Grant Employee.

  • How is this program different than the FBA bundle?

    The Federal Business Accelerator (FBA) bundle is a larger flagship program of ScaleUP USA and INCLUDES the "USA Jobs - How to Search & Apply for Federal Jobs?" program. If you don't have a good understanding of the workings of the US federal government, then joining the Federal Business Accelerator program is recommended instead of joining this narrower program.

  • What level of education is required to join this program?

    This is a self-paced, online, video presentation-based program. A minimum of high school level education with good mastery of English is required for an understanding of this "USA Jobs - How to Search & Apply for Federal Jobs?" program.

  • How long does it take to complete this program?

    This program is available digitally, on-demand, using internet-connected computer or laptop, and can be completed in a month if worked on over the weekend intensely. However, it is preferred that the program is used as a reference guide during the entire federal job application process. Plus, we keep on adding new content regularly to our programs!

  • Do we need to meet in person for this program?

    No. The program is designed to be self-paced, on-demand, available digitally over the internet using your desktop, laptop, tablet.

  • What are the expected results of joining this program?

    This program will typically help interested applicants understand the US federal government job application process, prepare and plan for these federal applications and help improve the chances of being selected as "best qualified" candidate.