Can I and Should I Study in USA After the 10th Grade?

Can you study in the US after 10th Grade? 

Of course, you can, but you should NOT! 

If you want to study in the US after 10th you will have to do your 11th and 12th grade in a US high school system. This could be a public (free) or private (costly) program. But doing this is problematic, right from adjusting to US school life, to school culture, staying alone in US at such a young age and ultimately securing visa for US entry. 

Also, US high schools don’t have board exams system like SSC and HSC as they have in India and other parts of the world. You would have to be evaluated on individual school grades, which will depend on courses you take. If you don’t take the right courses or do poorly in them while trying to adjust to US life, you would do more harm than good, and you might end up graduating late. So, bottom line, don’t do it! But it is an excellent idea to study in USA after 12th and to start preparing for it in your 10th grade. Here is a full guide and how!

Preparing for Study in USA While in 10th Grade!

If you want to get to the US after the 12th grade, you want to start planning with your family from the 9th or 10th grade or from your freshman or sophomore high school year. You need a couple of years to prepare well and get into the best colleges and universities for your undergraduate degree. 

Over 40% of the 1 million plus international students studying in the US are studying in the undergraduate degree here, which means they are studying in associates and bachelor’s degree in the US and they most probably got here after their 12th grade in their home country or after their senior year in high school, which means they started preparing for it around their 10th grade. You should too! 

What is the #1 Step to Take to Come to USA for Studies? 

The #1 and the most important step to take to come to USA for undergraduate program is for parents and families to start planning and preparation early. Career Trajectory recommends a 11 steps planning process for securing admission and financial aid in top US colleges and universities.

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The Career Trajectory's, Study in USA Program and Strategy:

1. Build a Strong Future Career Foundation

You will learn the hard truths and the cold facts on how you can succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world. Learn how to succeed and overcome failure. Figure out how to develop your custom-formula for success. 

2. Strategic Questions for Students and Parents

Plan your future career by asking these three critically important strategic questions. They will lay a strong foundation for your future success. Build your career custom formula by discussing with parents, counselors, and mentors!

3. College Application Timeline Strategy

Most students make the mistake of starting for planning in the 11th or 12th grade. This causes stress and mistakes in college selection and applications. We have built an innovative college application timeline starting from the 9th grade. Now you have more time to plan and execute.

4. Preparing for Standardized Tests

Want to perform well on your standardization tests? Check out the A, B, and C of the test-taking process that will help you achieve it. Explore the top resources for such coaching that fit your budget and learning style.

5. Creating a Strong College Application

Developing a strong college application including personal statements, college essays, transcripts, recommendations, resumes, and interviews which need to be perfect, or very good. This section goes in-depth on all these and many more related topics.

6. International Students and Parents Overview

International students have big opportunities in the US. But they face additional steps to apply for college admission, financial aid, proof of finances, and US visas. International parents and students get a special, dedicated perspective in this module.

7. Selecting the Optimum College Major

One of the most critical mistakes college applicants make is in selecting their college major. Did you know that the wrong college major can result in substantially lower salaries and potential unemployment? Learn the systematic way to select your college major.

8. Selecting Best Fit Colleges to Apply

Selecting the best fit colleges to apply is key to college acceptance, securing financial aid, lowering student loans, and future career success. How do you do it? Check this section for a step by step guidance.

9. Savings Strategies for Students

Ultimately your job as a student is to get through college with the lowest student debt burden, with highest grades and being most prepared for a future career. This section talks about tips and tricks on how you can achieve it.

10. Building a Strong, Personal "Brand"

Grades and standardization test scores are not the end all and be all of successful college and financial aid applications. The truth is, having key vectors of differentiation for the student is vital. This is done by building a personal brand. How do you do it? Check this formula for success!

11. Securing Financial Aid for Colleges

Most students and parents don’t do a systematic search for available scholarships, assistantships, and financial aid, thus missing out on tens of billions of dollars of available funding. Learn to start financial aid planning.

Student and Parents - Start Now! 

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Now let us tackle the next question, what is the best time to come to the USA, is it after the 12th grade? 

Yes, the 12th grade is as good a time to come to the US if you can afford it and have the maturity to stay in the US away from the home country and your family. Many international students do and do it very well!  

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