What is the HIVE?

Virginia Beach Business Resource Center

The HIVE is a business resource center designed to support an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Virginia Beach. The HIVE offers mentorship, networking, and a variety of fundamental resources to those who need them. The HIVE is committed to serving small businesses, particularly those that are in socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

The HIVE is the result of a successful collaboration among the City of Virginia Beach, academic institutions, other cities in the metropolitan area, Small Business Associations, and other entrepreneurial-related organizations in Virginia Beach and beyond.

ScaleUP USA has partnered with the "HIVE" to launch a local chapter of the Federal Business Accelerator at Virginia Beach to create local companies, jobs, and competitiveness in Virginia Beach + Norfolk + Newport News + Chesapeake regions. The program is looking for partnering with local startup accelerators, small business incubators, angel and venture funds, government focused law and accounting firms, large local federal contractors and suppliers, and federal agencies to serve as mentors and advisors to the program.

To partner with ScaleUP USA - HIVE Federal Business Accelerator contact:

Ihsane Mouak
Lead, VBGOV Federal Business Acceleration Program
Economic Development
4525 Main Street, Suite 700
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-385-2470

Virginia Beach - ScaleUP USA Federal Business Accelerator for Virginia Beach + Norfolk + Newport News + Chesapeake

What is ScaleUP USA?

Federal Business Accelerator

ScaleUP USA is a Washington DC metro region-based Federal Business Accelerator focused on growing businesses in the US by helping them win and execute federal government opportunities in the $10T US federal marketplace.

ScaleUP USA seeks to bring new federal funding, jobs, companies, and competitiveness to local economies by partnering with economic development organizations. Together, with the partner they publicize, recruit, train, and mentor for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in the local regions to build federal growth clusters.

Federal Business Accelerator - Pentagon - DOD Opportunities for Virginia Beach + Norfolk + Newport News + Chesapeake

The HIVE + Scaleup USA Partnership

Here are the goals of our partnership! Help us achieve them by joining and supporting the program.

(a) Jointly create, publicize, and grow the local chapter of the Virginia Beach - ScaleUP USA Online Federal Business Accelerator along with a federal growth cluster. The Accelerator will provide access to its online Federal Business Accelerator Program and remotely advise the Partner to grow the federal growth cluster. The Partner will provide valuable knowledge and access to the local economy, organizations, businesses, service providers, and startups to build the local chapter and the cluster.

(b) Build federal growth clusters in the regions where the Partner operates (Virginia Beach + Norfolk + Newport News + Chesapeake regions) to help secure additional US federal funding, federally funded jobs, federally funded products or services development, and bring increased competitiveness to regional economies by teaming with appropriate local entities.

(c) Recruit, train, and mentor entrepreneurs, startups, consultants, contractors, for-profit businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to grow in the $10T US federal government marketplace using the Accelerator, the local chapter, and the cluster.

Virginia Beach Small Business Incubator Partnerships - Virginia Beach + Norfolk + Newport News + Chesapeake

ScaleUP USA Federal Business Accelerator

Virginia Beach + Norfolk + Newport News + Chesapeake

  • Who Should Join?

    Prospective, new, or growth-focused small businesses interested in building a revenue-generating, profitable, government business should join the program.

  • What Will You Learn?

    Start and grow US federal small business practice in the $10T federal marketplace. Small businesses will learn to win, administer, and execute federal opportunities.

  • Government Opportunities

    Understand and learn how to win, administer, and execute US government contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements for small businesses.

  • 100% Online/Part-Time

    Small businesses, no need to pack your bags and leave. Work from anywhere, anytime, part-time, at your convenience. The online, self-paced curriculum is available 24 X 7; 365 days, remotely. Advanced programs also available.

  • 100% Equity Free

    The worst thing a small business founder can do is to give away equity early. We take zero equity. You keep 100% of your equity. You just start growing for a small yearly fee! 10+ step-by-step courses included.

  • Startup to Exit Roadmap

    We provide small businesses with a step-by-step roadmap for growth from $0 to $100M in the federal sector. Grow from $0 to $3M, from $3M to $10M, and $10M to $50M, all up to $100M. Learn how.

Small Businesses - Why Build Your Federal Practice?

Nine Reasons Small Businesses Should Expand in the Federal Sector!

  • Largest Marketplace!

    The US federal government is the world’s largest, fast-growing, $10T marketplace.

  • Grant Opportunities!

    The US federal government spent around $7.5 trillion on grants and fixed charges in 2021.

  • Contract Opportunities!

    The US federal government spent around $1.1 trillion on contracts and supplies in 2021.

  • Largest Employer in the US!

    The US federal government employs over 9 million federal employees, contractors, and others.

  • Recession-Proof Market!

    The US federal government is a recession-proof marketplace due to its ability to deficit finance.

  • Nationwide Opportunities!

    The US federal government spends money across the US in towns and cities in red and blue states.

  • Multiple Revenue Streams!

    You can work in the US federal government as a prime contractor, subcontractor, consultant, or product supplier.

  • Barriers to Entry!

    Working in the US federal marketplace is complex but this provides barriers to entry for future competition.

  • Healthy Pay and Benefits!

    The US federal government typically pays its employees, contractors, suppliers, and companies fair wages and payments on time!

Our Approach to Small Business Federal Growth

ScaleUP USA Small Business Incubator Commandments!

  • Learn the Process

    Understand the federal growth process.

  • Stop Selling

    No one likes salespersons!

  • Build Partnerships

    Partnerships open growth doors.

  • Transformative Offerings!

    Build transformative products and services.

  • Educate Buyers

    Buyers are hungry for knowledge!

  • Market Development

    Learn how to create opportunities.

  • Business Development

    Learn how to shape opportunities.

  • Sales Development

    Learn how to capture opportunities

  • Program Management

    Learn how to execute opportunities.

Features of Small Business Incubator

Micro-Learning Federal Business Accelerator!

  • Byte Size Content

    Valuable content in "byte-sized" chunks for easy assimilation.

  • Precise Knowledge

    Focused, precise, targeted knowledge for immediate, high impact.

  • Fresh Learning

    Produced at the speed of change to keep learning fresh and interesting.

  • Video-Based

    Video-based presentations. Engaging to keep up with today's mindset.

  • On-Demand

    Just in time, digital, and on-demand for any time, anywhere learning.

  • 365 Days Access

    Reinforcement and retainment focused. Learn to repeat. Repeat to learn.