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Sale Acceleration Training in the Post COVID World.

The World Has Changed. Have you?

Covid has transformatively changed the business world. What worked in the pre-Covid world is no longer effective today.


Are you still continuing with the traditional business development and sales techniques of yesterday or do you want to migrate to the digital business development world of the future?


  • Are you still learning to sell from the seller instead of the buyer?

  • Are your sales pitch pretty much a manual activity yet or have you gone digital?

  • Have you figured out an ecosystem approach to selling or are you doing it alone?

  • Is your sales training integrated across the entire company?

  • How do your sales folks integrate with the rest of the company?  

  • Is everyone in your company focused on growth or is that the job of the salesperson?


These types of questions are fundamental to your growth. You have three choices. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Remember only the leaders deliver successful sales acceleration. Do you want to? Then stop the traditional outdated sales training and focus on our buyer-driven sales acceleration training. Designed by buyers for the sellers.


Also, selling is only a part of the business growth of a company. To plan a strategic sales approach you need to focus on the entire lifecycle from products, market development, business development, proposal writing, sales acceleration, and ultimately customer support. Therefore, make sure to check out the Federal Business Acceleration Program Bundle at the bottom of this page. This program is the most cost-effective way to grow your business in the government and the military-industrial complex in the US.

Force Multiplier for Your Sales Organization and Career!

Invest in Sales Acceleration Training Today for Returns Tomorrow!

Three Key Vectors of Differentiation for Sales Training!

Train as an Individual | Win as a Team
  • Designed By Buyers for Sellers!

    In the critical buyer-seller relationship, the buyer is the most powerful one. Yet, most sales programs don't address the buyer's perspective. We do!

  • Building a Winning Ecosystem!

    Successful selling is a team sport. The winner has a strong supportive ecosystem. We help you to build a winning sales ecosystem for high growth.

  • Digital Pitch Automation!

    Today's winning sales teams are highly automated. Are you? Have you deployed the digital sales pitch technology? If not, learn about it in this program.

Achieve Peak Performance to Sell to Government | Corporations!

Our Sales Training is Always-on, Affordable, Continuous, and Transformative!
  • 1. On-Demand Videos!

    Our corporate sales training program is delivered digitally by on-demand video snippets. Use your desktop, laptop or tablet to connect and improve! Learn, practice, and relearn anytime.

  • 2. Train Your Entire Team!

    Register your entire team! Everyone gets an individual sales acceleration account so you can improve and progress together. Train anytime, anywhere, and from any device!

  • 3. Structured and Step-by-Step!

    Affordable monthly subscription plan. Each day you can view one bite-sized video lesson for a continuous sales training program for results! Cancel anytime.

Automate Your Sales Pitch!

Learn How Sale at Scale, At Low Cost!
  • Designed in the US using the latest thinking and methodology.

  • Develop US and global markets and create demand.

  • Learn to inform and educate your marketplace at scale.

  • Learn to lower the cost and time of customer acquisitions.

  • Sell a complicated or elaborate products or services at scale.

  • Cover a large territory for selling with a small sales team.

  • Secure sales leads and prospects based on buying interest.

  • Support your sales team and reduce their frustration.

  • Hedge against your top salespersons leaving the team.

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Our free preview enables you to understand the basics of corporate sales acceleration and how our platform and the training process works. Then upgrade to the advanced, paid program when you are ready to learn the methods and best practices seasoned sales professionals use to establish and grow their corporate sales!

Sales Accelerator Training Pricing

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Sale Acceleration Training Program Endorsements

Why Should You Join Our Sales Training Program?
  • Sam Adams, Vice President Sales

    "An innovative buyer-driven sales approach to enterprise sales development with an automation program for affordability!"

  • Rachel Scott, Chief Revenue Officer

    "A great automated, scalable, and affordable market development program to grow your products and services globally!"

  • Jay Shah, Mid-Size Business CEO

    "A unique sales acceleration program for automating the sales prospecting and qualifications process affordably."

Sell More. Grow Faster, Better, and Cheaper.

Digitize Your Business Development Today!
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Sales Acceleration Training Curriculum

Includes Automated Digital Sales Pitch Development Option!
  • 2

    The Voice of Sales Statistics

    • S2-1 - Introduction to Sales Stats

    • S2-2 - Why is Selling a Problem?

    • S2-3 - What Part of Selling is Difficult?

    • S2-4 - Case Study

    • S2-5 - B2B and B2G Sales Dilemma

    • S2-6 - More Important Sales Stats!

    • S2-7 - Selling is Difficult

    • Assignment: Sales Statistics!

  • 3

    The Voice of the Sales Formulas

    • S3-1 - Introduction to Sales Formulas

    • S3-2 - Critical Sales Success Formula

    • S3-3 - Automation Success Formula

    • S3-4 - Smart Business Development Formula

    • S3-5 - What is Market Development?

    • S3-6 - Force Multiplier for Sales

    • S3-7 - Value and Trust Relationship

    • S3-8 - Case Study

    • S3-9 - Force Multiplier Program Impact

    • Assignment: Using Your Formulas!

  • 4

    The Voice of the Buyer

    • S4-1 - Introduction to the Buyer

    • S4-2 - Zig Ziglar Quote

    • S4-3 - Types of Products/Services

    • S4-4 - The Last Triangle of Sales

    • S4-5 - Top Down Vs. Bottom Up

    • S4-6 - Case Study

    • S4-7 - Organic Buying Model

    • S4-8 - Market Development Model

    • S4-9 - Buyer Engagement Process

    • S4-10 - Case Study

    • S4-11 - Sales Qualification Questions

    • S4-12 - Why Sales Pitches Fail?

    • Assignment: Buyer Influencing!

  • 5

    The Voice of the Seller

    • S5-1 - The Introduction to the Seller

    • S5-2 - The Legacy Sales Techniques

    • S5-3 - The Modern Sales Techniques

    • S5-4 - Top Questions Buyers Have!

    • S5-5 - Influencing Buyers with Intangibles

    • S5-6 - The Sellers Organizational Impact

    • S5-7 - Involving Customers in Selling

    • S5-8 - When You Fail to Win!

    • S5-9 - Case Study

    • Assignment: Seller Improvements!

  • 6

    The Voice of the Channel Partners

    • S6-1 - Introduction to the Channel Partners

    • S6-2- Who are the Channel Partners?

    • S6-3 - Why have Channel Partners?

    • S6-4 - Establishing a Channel Partner Network

    • S6-5 - Channel Partner Support Programs

    • S6-6 - Market Development Fund Strategy

    • S6-7 - Case Study

    • Assignment: Channel Partner Execution

  • 7

    The Voice of Automation

    • S7-1 - Introduction to Sales Automation

    • S7-2 - Sales Automation Progression

    • S7-3 - Manual Sales Calls

    • S7-4 - Legacy Sales Automation

    • S7-5 - Sales Automation Evolution

    • S7-6 - Sales Automation - The Future

    • S7-7 - Sales Pitch Automation - Use Cases

    • S7-8 - Sales Pitch Automation - Features

    • S7-9 - Dual Sales Strategy

    • S7-10 - Automated Sales Pitch Technology

    • S7-11 - Building the Digital Sales Pitch

    • S7-12 - Summary - Force Multiplier Program

    • Assignment: Sales Automation

  • 8

    The Digital Sales Pitch

    • S-8-1 The Digital Pitch Outline (22 Tips)

    • S-8-2 Using Canva for ScaleUP USA Digital Pitches

    • S-8-3 Using Loom to Create Digital Videos

Nitin Pradhan
Program Director

Founder and CEO ScaleUP USA Accelerator
Ex-Obama Appointee and Federal CIO
Program Instructor

Nitin Pradhan has 25+ years of experience in delivering results-focused innovation, transformation, and business expansion for organizations. Nitin is currently the CEO of Launch Dream and the Managing Partner of GOVonomy. Launch Dream is a business growth accelerator for the US and international firms. GOVonomy is an "Innovation as a Service" for government and government contractors. He recently co-founded a social enterprise initiative called ScaleUP USA to help American and global small businesses accelerate growth and reduce their failure rate. Nitin is also on the external advisory board of Accenture; a mentor at Mach 37, the premium cybersecurity accelerator in Washington DC, USA as well as Z Nation Labs, an accelerator in Mumbai, India.


Nitin was a first-term Obama administration appointee and the award-winning, nationally recognized federal CIO for the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) where he provided IT leadership, vision, strategy, policy, and oversight for US DOT’s more than $3.5 billion annual IT investment portfolio and for over 3,000 IT employees, 10,000 contractors, and over 200 major transportation systems -- the 6th largest in the federal government.


Earlier, Nitin was the IT Executive at Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 10th largest school district in the USA. Nitin has also been the Managing Director of the prestigious Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), which is focused on the technology-based economic development, and the CEO of a wireless startup, TechContinuum.

Nitin is a keynote speaker, board member, and an author at major business-technology organizations and publications.


Nitin's key areas of expertise are in business leadership, business strategy, business growth, market development, sales development, business development, business collaborations, emerging technologies, innovation, transformation, startups, venture capital, change management, and US federal government.


Nitin has a BS in engineering, MBA in marketing, and MS in accounting.

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