Why Seek Federal Careers?

The top 10 reasons!

  • One of the largest employers in US! Many opportunities.

  • Work directly or indirectly for the Feds! Employer flexibility.

  • Jobs available across the nation! Geographic flexibility.

  • Equal opportunities for men and women! All win.

  • Actively seeking college students! Youth encouraged.

  • Well-paying jobs with great benefits! Great careers.

  • Complex to navigate entry into positions! Needs preparation.

  • Typically, a recession proof job environment! Job stability.

  • Do your part to improve government! You participate.

  • Help provide business and citizen services! Improve services.

Start Your Federal Career NOW!

College Students, Recent Graduates, and Young Adults!

This one-year, online, affordable, self-study Federal Career Accelerator Program helps educate and train US college and university students and young adults to work with the US federal government in the $10 trillion, world's largest marketplace as federal employees, contractor employees, grant employees, independent consultants, federal entrepreneurs, and minority small businesses. US universities and colleges, partner with us today, to build your students' careers!

As per Ziprecruiter, the average salary in 2021 for the private sector employees in the US was $76,988 vs. $109,992 for federal employees! Now, do you want to explore federal careers? 

Federal Career Accelerator GOALS!

We work with Colleges and Universities, Adult Education Centers, Workforce Development Centers, Career Centers, Economic Development Organizations, as well as Associations and Nonprofits to help build a local federally focused workforce -- partner with us today!

  • Attract talented college students and young adults to a federally focused career as federal employees, contractors, and small businesses. Bring new thinking, fresh perspectives, and positive transformation.

  • Help make the US federal government more efficient and effective for US businesses and citizens by introducing them to new talent, technologies, and best practices.

  • Help expand the US private sector’s capacity and capability to work with the US federal government by educating them about doing business with the government.

  • Understand and communicate the federal government’s needs, challenges, and opportunities at an agency, bureau, or office level across the nation.

  • Help identify and promote innovative and transformative services, products, platforms, and best practices to the federal government and the federal contracting community.

Major Features of the Program

Well Designed Program for the COVID and Post-COVID World!

  • Modular

  • Affordable

  • Available Globally

  • Video-Based

  • Continuously Updated

  • Self-Paced

  • One-Year

  • Online | Digital

  • Certificate on Completion

Over 9 Million Federal Opportunities

Winning Possibilities for Every Student, Youth, and Adult, Nationwide!

Based on the excellent research done by the Volcker Alliance, for the data available when publishing their reportthe "True Size of the [US Federal] Government" is close to 9 million. The federal government employees are only at 2 million out of this 9 million. The contractor and grant employees form the bulk -- about 5.3 million. How do you want to work with the US federal government?

Number of Employees
 FY 2015
Federal Employees
Contractor Employees
Grant Employees
Active Duty Military
Postal Services Employees
Total Employees

The US Government is Getting Old!

Hint - They Need Smart, Young, Workforce!

Do you want to change the world, the US, the government, or simply your community? The best way to influence changes is to join or work with the US federal government to drive innovation and transformation! Yet few smart, qualified adults are joining the government, even though it pays well, has great benefits, and job security. According to the latest, FY 2017 Office of Personnel Management  (OPM) study, the youth under 30 years formed just around 6% of the entire federal government full-time employee workforce! Why?


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Join the Federal Career Accelerator!

The World's Largest Marketplace!

Size = Over $8 Trillion in Opportunities for YOU!

The US federal government is the largest marketplace in the world. In 2021, the US federal government spent around $7.5 trillion on grants and fixed charges and an additional $1.1 trillion on contracts and supplies. The federal government also directly or indirectly employs over 9 million federal employees and contractors. Additionally, the federal opportunity exists in good economic times as well as bad economic times due to its ability of deficit financing. These numbers dwarf the total VC investments made in 2021 of around $130 billion in the US. 

Are you ready to access this BIG opportunity to learn how to build a new federal career, small business, get funding for startups, or secure grant funding for "public good" projects?

Federal Career Options Available!

How Would YOU like to Work with the Federal Government?

You just don't have to work as a federal employee! There are many other ways you can start working with the US federal government! What would you like to do?

Work as a federal employee?

Work as an active duty military?

Work in the US postal service?

Work as a federal contractor?

Work as a federal grant employee?

Start a federal contracting business?

Secure federal funding for a startup?

Work part-time or full-time?

Start a minority small business?

Work remotely or from home?

Work anywhere in the US?

Work globally on US projects?

Curriculum | What Will You Learn?

Here are all the courses in your bundle for this one-year, online, open enrollment, self-study program.

Nitin Pradhan

Program Director
Former Federal CIO | Obama Appointee

Nitin Pradhan has 25+ years of experience in delivering results-focused innovation and transformation in Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as Silicon Valley startups in the US.


Nitin was a first-term Obama-Biden administration appointee and the award-winning, nationally recognized federal CIO for the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) where he provided IT leadership, vision, strategy, policy, and oversight for US DOT’s more than $3.5 billion annual IT portfolio and for over 3,000 IT employees, 10,000 IT contractors, and over 200 major transportation IT systems -- the 6th largest in the US federal government.


Earlier, Nitin was the IT Executive at Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 10th largest school district in the USA. Nitin has also been the Managing Director of the prestigious Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), which is focused on technology-based economic development, industry creation and development, and business growth.


Nitin is the founder and CEO of Launch Dream, LLC, an advisory program for Venture Capital Firms, Funded Technology Startups, Accelerators, Contractors, and Consulting Firms interested in growing in the US Federal Government sector. Launch Dream also runs a global digital “Federal Business Accelerator” and student-focused “Career Trajectory” program on its digital platform “ScaleUP USA.” Nitin is also the Managing Partner for GOVonomy, an "Innovation as a Service" for government and government contractors. He is a mentor at Mach 37, the premium cybersecurity accelerator in Washington DC, USA; a Board Member at hedQTRS, AI Labs; and a partner at Skill Proofed. Nitin has been a keynote speaker and author for major conferences and tech publications.


Nitin has a BS in engineering, MBA in marketing, and MS in accounting. During his career, Nitin has won many national business and technology awards.

Nitin Pradhan

Flexible Pricing Options

Join the plan that fits your budget and needs!

  • $1,499.00

    One Year Access Plan

  • $199.00 first payment, $149.00 / month onwards

    Monthly Subscription Plan



You Asked, We Answered!

  • Who should join this "bundle" program?

    This program is directed at persons who are exploring a career with the federal government as (a) Federal Employee, (b) Federal Contractor Employee, (c) Federal Grant Employee (d) Federal Entrepreneur, or (e) Federal Small Business Contractor.

  • What level of education is required to join this program?

    This is a self-paced, online, video presentation-based program. A minimum of high school level education with good mastery of English is required for an understanding of this program.

  • How long does it take to complete this program?

    This program is available digitally, on-demand, using an internet-connected computer or laptop, and can be accessed for a year for the annual paid plan. It is preferred that the program is used as an education, training, and reference guide during the entire federal career acceleration of the candidate. Plus, we keep on adding new content regularly to our programs!

  • Do we need to meet in person for this program?

    No. The program is designed to be self-paced, on-demand, available digitally over the internet using your desktop, laptop, tablet.

  • Is there a "practicum" or "internship" requirement for this program?

    While there is no formal requirement for practicum, internship, or co-op for this program, we strongly recommend that you work with a local federal contractor or federal government to get a feel of the government ecosystem.

  • Is there a Course Completion Certificate?

    Yes, you will get a course completion certificate from ScaleUP USA on completion of each course within the program bundle.