Federal Career Accelerator

Discover the Top 9 Reasons to Join the Federal Workforce

  • Unparalleled Job Security

    One of the largest employers in the US, with a wide range of opportunities.

  • Flexibility and Options

    Work directly or indirectly for the federal government, with options for various employers.

  • Global Opportunities

    Jobs available across the country and globe, with geographic flexibility to suit your needs.

  • Equal Opportunities

    An inclusive environment with equal opportunities for men and women to succeed.

  • Empowering Youth

    Actively seeking college students and young professionals to join the federal workforce.

  • Rewarding Careers

    Well-paying jobs with great benefits, setting you up for long-term success.

  • Expert Guidance

    Navigate the complex entry process with ease, and get prepared for a federal career.

  • Recession-Proof

    Enjoy a stable job environment, with US and global opportunities to make a real difference.

  • Make a Difference

    Contribute to improving government services and citizen experiences. Be a part of something bigger.

Federal Career Accelerator

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Curriculum | What Will You Learn?

Here are all the courses in your "bundled program" for this online, open enrollment, self-paced program. Regularly price for this 9 courses bundled program is $3600 per year. Special limited-time price for the 9 courses bundled program is $299 for 90 days access. Join now for securing this special price.

Bundled Program Pricing

University Partnership Discount:
Ensure your university career center has a partnership with us and receive an promotional code from them for additional $30 discount on the below pricing plan!

Unlock a Fulfilling Federal Career!

College Students, Recent Graduates, and Young Adults!

Gain the knowledge and skills to thrive in the lucrative federal marketplace and build a rewarding career as a government employee or contractor.


  • Expert Training: Develop the expertise to succeed in the federal government ecosystem

  • Personalized Placement Assistance: Top students receive tailored support to land their dream role

  • Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace, anytime, and fit your schedule

  • Open Enrollment: Join our community whenever you're ready to take the first step

Don't Miss Out!

Enroll now and start building a brighter future in the federal government. Take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Personalized Placement and Staffing Program

Start With Joining the Federal Career Accelerator

Top students who complete the Federal Career Accelerator bundled program can enroll in our tailored placement assistance, connecting them with ideal roles in government contracting. Our program offers:

  • Introductions to government contractors and suppliers
  • Education about premier  government agencies
  • Expert guidance and mentorship
  • Exclusive job opportunities 
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Resume and interview preparation.
  • Salary negotiation support

Through our partnership with specialty staffing companies, we coordinate the following staffing accelerators:

  • GovCon Staffing Accelerator
  • GovAutomation Staffing Accelerator
  • GovAI Staffing Accelerator
  • CyberGov Staffing Accelerator

Complete the Federal Career Accelerator program to qualify for personalized placement assistance and take the first step toward your dream career in government contracting. Apply now!


Placement of all top students in government contracting and supplier firms or government agencies cannot be guaranteed. Our placement assistance program provides support and resources to enhance job prospects, but job placement is ultimately dependent on various factors, including individual qualifications, market conditions, recruiting companies' needs, and federal agency requirements. 

Major Features of Our Bundled Program

Well Designed Program for the Digital World!

  • Modular

  • Affordable

  • Available Globally

  • Video-Based

  • Continuously Updated

  • Self-Paced

  • 90 Days Access

  • Online | Digital

  • Certificate on Completion

Over 11 Million Federal Opportunities

Winning Possibilities for Every Student, Youth, and Adult, Nationwide!

According to the most recent data available, the "True Size of the [US Federal] Government" is approximately 12.2 million. This includes:

  • Federal Employees: 2.8 million (as of 2022)
  • Contractor Employees: 5.3 million (estimated, as of 2022)
  • Grant Employees: 1.4 million (estimated, as of 2022)
  • Active Duty Military: 1.4 million (as of 2022)
  • Postal Services Employees: 0.5M (as of 2022)

Total Employees: 11.5M
Note: The numbers may vary depending on the source and date of the data. These figures are based on the most recent information available from reputable sources such as the US Office of Personnel Management, the US Census Bureau, and other government agencies.

The US Government is Getting Old!

Hint - They Need Smart, Young, Workforce!

The US Government Needs a Youthful Boost!
Join the US federal government to drive innovation and transformation! Despite its attractive benefits, job security, and competitive pay, few smart, qualified adults are joining the government. According to the latest data from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), as of 2022:

  • Youth under 30 years: 144,111 (only 7.3% of the entire federal government full-time employee workforce)
  • 30-34 years: 234,819 (11.9%)
  • 35-39 years: 263,039 (13.3%)
  • 40-44 years: 243,101 (12.3%)
  • 45-49 years: 291,623 (14.7%)
  • 50-54 years: 343,828 (17.3%)
  • 55-59 years: 306,921 (15.5%)
  • >60 years: 284,421 (14.3%)

Total: 1,991,855 (100.00%)
Note: The numbers may vary depending on the source and date of the data. These figures are based on the most recent information available from reputable sources such as the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and other government agencies.

Unlock a World of Federal Career Options!

How Would YOU like to Work with the Federal Government?

Explore Exciting Ways to Work with the US Federal Government
You don't have to be a federal employee to work with the government! Discover a range of opportunities to suit your skills and interests:

  • Federal Employee: Join the government workforce directly
  • Active Duty Military: Serve your country and protect its interests
  • US Postal Service: Deliver essential services to the nation
  • Federal Contractor: Work on projects that shape the country's future
  • Federal Grant Employee: Contribute to innovative initiatives
  • Federal Contracting Business: Start your own venture and thrive
  • Federal Funding: Boost your startup with government support
  • Part-time or Full-time: Choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle
  • Minority Small Business: Empower your community and succeed
  • Remote or Home-based: Work from anywhere and enjoy flexibility
  • Work Across the US: Explore opportunities nationwide
  • Global Projects: Contribute to US initiatives worldwide

Find your perfect fit and start your federal career journey today!

Partner with ScaleUP USA to Shape the Future of Federal Careers

Empowering a Nationally Relevant Workforce!

We Collaborate with:
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Adult Education Centers
  • Workforce Development Centers
  • Career Centers
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Associations and Nonprofits
  • Government Agencies
  • Federal Contractors and Suppliers
  • Federal Staffing Companies

Our Goals:
  • Attract and Develop Top Talent
    Attract talented college students and young adults to a federally focused career as federal employees, contractors, and small businesses. Bring new thinking, fresh perspectives, and positive transformation.

  • Enhance Government Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Help make the US federal government more efficient and effective for US businesses and citizens by introducing them to new talent, technologies, and best practices.

  • Expand Private Sector Capacity
    Help expand the US private sector’s capacity and capability to work with the US federal government by educating them about doing business with the government.

  • Understand and Address Government Needs
    Understand and communicate the federal government’s needs, challenges, and opportunities at an agency, bureau, or office level across the nation.

Join us in shaping the future of federal careers and building a stronger, more effective government workforce!


You Asked, We Answered!

  • Who should join this "bundle" program?

    This program is designed for individuals exploring a career in the federal government sector, including:

    Federal Employee: Work directly for a federal agency

    Federal Contractor Employee: Work for a company that contracts with the federal government

    Federal Grant Employee: Manage or work on projects funded by federal grants

    Federal Entrepreneur: Start a business that serves the federal government

    Federal Small Business Contractor: Own or work for a small business that contracts with the federal government

    This program provides a comprehensive foundation for success in these roles, helping you navigate the federal government's vast and complex landscape.

  • What level of education is required to join this program?

    This is a self-paced, online, video presentation-based program. A minimum of high school level education with good mastery of English is required for an understanding of this program.

  • How long does it take to complete this program?

    This program is available digitally, on-demand, using an internet-connected computer or laptop, and can be accessed for 90 days, which should be sufficient time for completion of the program with regular, daily studies. It is preferred that the program is used as an education, training, and reference guide during the federal career acceleration of the candidate. Please note that we keep on adding new content regularly to our programs!

  • Do we need to meet in person for this program?

    No. The program is designed to be Self-Paced, On-Demand, and available Digitally over the internet using your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

  • Is there a "practicum" or "internship" requirement for this program?

    While there is no formal requirement for practicum, internship, or co-op for this program, we strongly recommend that you work with a local federal contractor or federal government as an intern to get a feel of the government ecosystem.

    This hands-on experience will complement your learning and provide valuable insights into the federal government's operations and culture.

  • Is there a Course Completion Certificate?

    Upon completing each course within the program bundle, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from ScaleUP USA.

    Be sure to highlight your accomplishment by listing the ScaleUP USA Federal Career Accelerator Certification Program in the Education section of your LinkedIn profile. This will demonstrate your commitment to professional development and enhance your professional credibility.

Nitin Pradhan

Program Director

Former Federal CIO | Obama Appointee

With over 25 years of experience in driving innovation and transformation in government and Silicon Valley startups, Nitin Pradhan has made a lasting impact in the world of technology and leadership.

Obama Administration Career Highlights

Appointed by President Obama as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the US Department of Transportation (US DOT), Mr. Pradhan demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation, leading IT strategy, policy, and oversight for a $3.5 billion annual portfolio and a team of 3,000 IT employees and 10,000 contractors. Recognized with national awards for exceptional leadership and innovation, Nitin Pradhan's tenure in the Obama Administration was marked by significant achievements and accolades.

Prior Experience

Before joining the Obama Administration, Nitin Pradhan served as an IT Executive at Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 10th largest school district in the USA, and as Managing Director at Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), focusing on technology-based economic development and business growth. These roles honed his expertise in IT strategy, policy, and oversight, preparing him for future leadership roles.

Current Role and Responsibilities

Currently, Nitin Pradhan serves as the Founder and CEO of Launch Dream, LLC, advising venture capital firms, startups, accelerators, contractors, and consulting firms on growing in the US Federal Government sector. He also runs the global digital "Federal Career Accelerator" and "Career Trajectory" programs on the "ScaleUP USA" platform and serves as Managing Partner at Epic Bridge, Global Growth Consortium. Previously, he held roles as Managing Partner at GOVonomy, an "Innovation as a Service" for government and contractors, and Mentor at Mach 37, the premium cybersecurity accelerator in Washington DC.

Education and Awards

Nitin Pradhan holds a BS in Engineering, an MBA in Marketing, and an MS in Accounting, demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. He has received numerous national business and technology awards for exceptional leadership and innovation, a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Throughout his career, Nitin Pradhan has demonstrated a unique ability to drive innovation and transformation, making a lasting impact in the world of technology and leadership. His expertise, experience, and achievements make him a sought-after advisor, speaker, and author, and a true visionary in his field.

Nitin Pradhan