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Winning Government Proposal Writing Training
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Grow Your Organization and Your Professional Career!

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Built by Government Proposal Evaluators for Corporate Proposal Writers! Join, Learn, Win, and Grow!

There is a very big difference between learning to write proposals versus learning to write winning proposals. Many can teach you how to write a good proposal; Few can teach you how to write winning proposals. We are the experts!

In this affordable, compact, 150 minutes "Winning Government Proposal Writing Training Program," we will teach participants how to plan winning proposals and write winning proposals that win more business for you or your employer or organization and build your career and prestige!

While the primary focus of this program is to learn how to write a winning proposals for the federal government, the skill once learned can be applied to state and local governments as well as corporations.

There is a significant shortage of quality proposal writers in the US and one can work on this job from home or as a student from a university. So, learn this skill now!

In under three hours, you will be an expert in understanding how to write winning proposals! This is a core skill to have to grow any organization or career. Join, learn, and grow.

For best results, join the entire Federal Business Accelerator Program (bundle) listed below. It provides a very comprehensive approach for government business capture and the best value.

Winning Proposal Writing Training
Program Endorsements

Why Should You Join? For Insider Government Perspective!

  • Proposal Capture Manager

    "Great compact online course. Excellent -- if you are pursuing government grants or contracts!"

  • Business Proposal Writer

    "Value for money. The instructor's experience as a proposal evaluator is very valuable for an insider perspective."

  • Non-Profit Fundraising Manager

    "Every non-profit leadership team member should join this program to learn how to grow their budget."

What Will You Learn?

Key Takeaways from the Program.

  • Writing winning proposals effectively and efficiently.

  • Develop proposals with a higher chance of winning.

  • Learn how to differentiate your proposals from the competition.

  • Best practices, templates, guides, and tips and tricks.

  • Proposal strategy, planning, authoring, and improving.

  • Thinking like a proposal evaluator, funder, buyer, or investor.

Program Curriculum

Winning Government Proposal Writing Training Program
  • 2

    Proposal writing basics.

    • Membership information

    • What is a proposal?

    • Proposal writers skillset

    • Types of proposals

    • Developing proposal outline

    • Terms in proposal writing

    • Tools of the trade

  • 3

    Winning proposal writing.

    • Case study - kitchen remodeling

    • Vectors of differentiation

    • How to win proposals?

    • Winning proposal process?

    • Brainstorming proposal strategy

    • 9 keys to winning

    • What do funders want?

  • 4

    Proposal lifecycle.

    • 3 steps proposal lifecycle

    • Proposal capture strategy

    • Pre-proposal strategy

    • During proposal strategy

    • Post-proposal strategy

    • Measures of success

  • 5

    Advanced proposal writing.

    • Proposal writers formula

    • Internal team reviews

    • Proposal evaluations process

    • Proposal winning criteria

    • Beating the incumbent

    • Addressing key topics

    • Key proposal guidance

    • Proposal win rate

  • 6

    Case Study | Practicum.

    • Federal case study

    • What is the federal opportunity?

    • Federal Business Accelerator Program

    • Review federal opportunities

    • Compliancy for federal proposals

Training Program Pricing

We use the highly secure Stripe payment system for receiving payment for our program. Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies in their native currency. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and China UnionPay credit and debit cards using Stripe. If you have questions please contact us: scaleupusa(at)

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FAQ: You Asked; We Answered!

Winning Government Proposal Writing Training Program

  • Who should join the program?

    Proposal writers and contributors, business development teams, marketing and sales teams, key account and bid managers, micro and small business owners, and entrepreneurs and startups.

  • How long is this program?

    This program is for approximately two and a half hours duration.

  • What will you learn from this program?

    This program helps you improve the win rate for your proposal writing team and your organization.

  • What knowledge is required to take this course?

    Interest in business development, marketing, and sales are sufficient to take this program.

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