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Are you ready to succeed in the competitive world of government business? Look no further than the "Government Business Success Made Simple" free introductory course. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider joining NOW:

  • QUICK INSIGHT: Our introductory course offers an outline of everything you need to know about government business, from procurement processes to contract management. It is the ideal starting point for anyone new to the field.

  • STREAMLINE YOUR APPROACH: We know that government business can be complex, but our introductory course tells you what you need to know. You will learn about our step-by-step system to streamline your approach and develop effective strategies for achieving government business success.

  • FASTER RESULTS: The introductory course is designed to help you achieve your government business goals faster and more cost-effectively. Whether you are looking to win contracts, expand your business, or increase revenue, our course will provide you with the quick outline you need to get ahead.

  • QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Firstly, you will learn how much the US federal government spends annually on contracts and grants. Secondly, you will discover how much the US federal government is spending in your state or geography. Thirdly, you will find out how much the US federal government is spending on products or services that you sell. Finally, we will explore how the Federal Business Accelerator can help you grow.

  • NO COST TO YOU: The best part? The introductory course is completely free! You will know all the topics and expertise you need to know to succeed in government business without spending a dime.

  • FEDERAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR: By the end of the introductory course, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the Federal Business Accelerator program is right for you. If you decide to join, our Federal Business Accelerator Foundational Program it will provide you with valuable, comprehensive resources to achieve success.

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Government Business Opportunities

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Understand the Government Ecosystem

    • Play to Win in the Government Ecosystem

  • 2

    The World's Largest Marketplace!

    • Winning in the $10T Marketplace

  • 3

    Show Me the (Federal) Money!

    • How Are Federal Budgets Increasing?

  • 4

    Where Do the Feds Spend?

    • Are the Feds Spending in "My" State?

  • 5

    Your Winning Components!

    • Stop Wasting Time and Focus Here!

  • 6

    Is "My" Competition Winning?

    • Am I Missing "Big" Federal Opportunities?

  • 7

    How to Win Federal Contracts?

    • Three Basic Steps to Winning in Federal

  • 8

    Scaling Your Federal Practice

    • Systematic Approach to Federal Growth!

  • 9

    What Do Feds Buy?

    • Do Feds Buy What I Sell?

  • 10

    Federal Government Myths?

    • Myths or Reality - We Answer Your Questions!

  • 11

    Federal Business Accelerator

    • Learn About Our Federal Accelerator!

    • Join the Federal Business Accelerator

  • 12

    I Am a Foreign Company!

    • Can I Work with the US Feds?

  • 13

    About the Program Director

    • Introducing Nitin Pradhan

  • 14

    Join the Federal Accelerator!

    • Join the Federal Business Accelerator

Nitin Pradhan

Federal Business Accelerator Program Director

Former Federal CIO
Obama-Biden Appointee

Nitin Pradhan has 25+ years of experience in delivering results-focused innovation, transformation, and business expansion for organizations. Nitin is currently the CEO of Launch Dream, the owner of ScaleUP USA, and the Federal Business Accelerator Program. Nitin was also the Managing Partner of GOVonomy an "Innovation as a Service" for government and government contractors in the government sector. GOVonomy was acquired in 2021. Nitin is also on the advisory board of FitGov Summit, the nation's premier conference held in Washington DC.


Nitin was a first-term Obama administration appointee and the award-winning, nationally recognized federal, SES Level CIO for the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) where he provided IT leadership, vision, strategy, policy, and oversight for US DOT’s more than $3.5 billion annual IT investment portfolio and for over 3,000 IT employees, 10,000 contractors, and over 200 major transportation systems -- the 6th largest in the federal government.


Earlier, Nitin was the IT Executive at the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 10th largest school district in the USA. Nitin has also been the Managing Director of the prestigious Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), which is focused on technology-based economic development, and the CEO of a wireless startup, TechContinuum.

Nitin is a keynote speaker, board member, and author at major business-technology organizations and publications.


Nitin has a BS in engineering, MBA in marketing, and MS in accounting.

Nitin Pradhan Bio