Can I and Should I Study in USA After the 12th Grade?

We get this question asked often and the strong answer is yes and yes!

Can you study in the US after 12th? 

Yes. Over 40% of the 1 million plus international students studying in the US are studying in the undergraduate degree here, which means they are studying in associates and bachelors degree in the US and they most probably got here after their 12th grade in their home country or after their senior year in high school.  

Now here is the important point, if you want to get to the US after the 12th grade, you want to start planning with your family from the 9th grade or from your freshman high school year. You need a couple of years to prepare well and get into the best colleges. 

The Big Questions for Parents:

The students and parents wanting their children to study in the USA need to address the following questions first:

A) Is the student mature enough to come and stay in the US alone at age 18? If not they need to make sure that there is adult supervision available locally and also some family (relatives) support in case of an emergency. 

B) Make sure that there is enough funding available for the student for all the four years either through personal funds or student loan or via some form of financial aid. More information is available in the program link below on this topic. 

C) Make sure to select the right education consultant to get you through the entire process. We recommend the self-study counseling programs like the ones available digitally. These are affordable, directly from the US and are regularly updated. 

You don’t want to ever select an education consultant who does not have the correct or up to date information about studies admission, financial aid, scholarships and career development in the US. There are three types of education consultants available today for international students and parents:

1. The "Free" Educational Consultants Overseas (Cost - $$$): 

Such educational consultants typically represent “lower tier" US universities and colleges and get paid high commission for helping such universities find international students like you. The international students (you) pay full price for studying at such institutions in the US. While you may not be paying the consultant directly, you are paying thousands of dollars more than if you have negotiated directly with the college! Our advice, don’t use such educational consultants who work for universities on a commission basis. If a consultant is free to you — he/she is making money from the university and you are paying for it! 

2. The Fee-Based Education Consultants Overseas (Cost - $$):

Such education consultants offer educational services in return for fees. These fees can range from $1,000 to as high as $10,000, annually. Some of these are worth in gold, especially if they can help get you into a top tier (top 50 US national university) or help you secure financial aid and scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars or maybe both. Don’t pay for such educational consultants the high fees if they are helping you secure third tier college admissions and offering you no help to secure financial aid or low-cost loans. You are much better off with the self-paced consulting below! 

3. Self-Paced, Education Consulting Directly from the US (Cost - $):

These are the new, comprehensive, affordable, self-paced, digital programs for international students and their parents for US college admissions, financial aid, and career growth planning and strategy. They offer step-by-step, self-paced programs, directly from the US with complete guidance for US college admissions and financial aid for international students. They typically cost around $100-$300 per year and provide the most updated Information via internet connected computers. These provide the best price/performance for students and parents on a budget. (Listed Price: $499/year; however, there is a special limited time COVID Relief promotion whereby you can save $350 on this yearly program and get it for $149 with this code “save_350.” Use it while the program lasts!)

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The Career Trajectory - study in the USA Self Study Program

What is the best time to come to the USA?

Now let us tackle the next question, what is the best time to come to the USA, is it after the 12th grade? 

Yes, the 12th grade is as good a time to come to the US if you can afford it and have the maturity to stay in the US away from the home country and your family. Many international students do and do it very well!  

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