Parent Teacher Organizations Affiliate Partnership Program

PTOs and PTO members -- Join our PTO Affiliate Partnership Program. Learn how to start and grow a Parent Teacher Organization. Read the article below and integrate the innovative services for students, teachers, schools, parents, and the community. Deliver value. Raise funds! Start now by contacting us.




Parent Teacher Organization Ideas

Base Service: Career Trajectory

Affordable Alternative to Costly College Admission Consultants | PTO Parent Portal helps members prepare high schoolers for successful US college admissions and financial aid applications! PTO's, Join the program by contacting us!

  • Option 1: Go Alone Strategy?

    Here, your high schoolers plan and execute the college application process alone. This strategy is risky, unsound, speculative, and potentially hazardous to their future career.

  • Option 2: Education Consultant?

    Here, parents engage a pricey college admission consultant for applications. This strategy is costly, reliant, inflexible, time-consuming, and dependent on the consultant.

  • Option 3: Join Career Trajectory?

    Here, parents and their high schooler children work collaboratively using the self-paced, affordable, digital, college career guidance program to build strong college applications.

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PTO's -- partner with Career Trajectory to offer our affordable DIY college and financial aid guidance program for your member families. Email us via "Contact Us" button.

  • 1. Prepare For College

    Learn how to plan, prepare, apply, and attend premium US colleges and universities affordably.

  • 2. Don't Make Mistakes

    Don’t make costly mistakes when you are spending $10,000-$60,000 per year studying in the US.

  • 3. Less Than $1/Day

    Quality US college career counseling programs cost $2,700-18,000 per year. Ours is less than $1/day!

PTO Members Start Free | Upgrade to Premium

Affordable alternative to college admission consultants.

  • Over 100 Videos!

    Watch what programs you want, when you want and where you want! Repeat programs as needed!

  • Sophisticated Platform!

    Easy to use, affordable program available on any Internet-connected laptop or desktop!

  • Family Access!

    Available globally for students and their parents to secure career development guidance.

  • Continuously Updated!

    We update our program on a continuous basis so you have the best information at hand!

  • Very Affordable!

    Low cost. High value. Pay as you go program. Designed for the US and international students!

  • Low Risk for Students!

    Start now. Cancel anytime, no questions asked. No large upfront commitment for students.

Our Student/Parent Curriculum!

More Comprehensive than any college admission consultant's guidance!

  • Module #1 Build a Strong Future Career Foundation [Free]
    In this 90 minutes free foundational section, you will learn the hard truths and the cold facts on how your children can succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world. Learn how to succeed and overcome failure. Figure out how to develop your custom-formula for success. Join for free now!

  • Module #2 International Students and Parents Overview [Premium]
    International students have big opportunities in the US. But they face additional steps to apply for college admission, financial aid, proof of finances, and US visas. International parents and students get a special, dedicated perspective in this module.

  • Module #3 Strategic Questions for Students and Parents [Premium]
    Plan your future career by asking these three critically important questions. They will lay the foundation for your future success. Build your career custom formula by discussing with parents, counselors, and mentors!

  • Module #4 College Application Timeline Strategy [Premium]
    Most students make the mistake of starting for planning in the 11th or 12th grade. This causes stress and mistakes in college selection and applications. We have built an innovative college application timeline starting from the 9th grade. Now you have more time to plan and execute.

  • Module #5 Selecting the Optimum College Major [Premium]
    One of the most critical mistakes college applicants make is in selecting their college major. Did you know that the wrong college major can result in substantially lower salaries and potentially unemployment? Learn the systematic way to select your college major.

  • Module #6 Building a Strong, Personal "Brand" [Premium]
    Grades and standardization test scores are not the end-all and be all of successful college and financial aid applications. The truth is, having key vectors of differentiation for the student is vital. This is done by building a personal brand. How do you do it? Check this formula for success!

  • Module #7 Preparing for Standardized Tests [Premium]
    Want to perform well on your standardization test? Check out the A, B, and C of the test-taking process that will help you achieve it. Explore the top resources for such coaching that fit your budget and learning style.

  • Module #8 Selecting Best Fit Colleges to Apply [Premium]
    Selecting the best fit colleges to apply is key to college acceptance, securing financial aid, lowering student loans, and future career success. How do you do it? Check this section for a step by step guidance.

  • Module #9 Securing Financial Aid for Colleges [Premium]
    Lowering the cost of a college education is key to future financial success. However, most students and parents don’t do a systematic search for available scholarships, assistantships, and financial aid, thus missing out on tens of billions of dollars of available funds. Learn how to start this financial aid planning.

  • Module #10 Creating a Strong College Application [Premium]
    Developing a strong college application including personal statements, college essays, transcripts, recommendations, resumes, interviews need to be perfect, or very good. This section goes in-depth on all these and many more related topics. Finally, more modules are being added as we get feedback from parents and students of their needs.

Pricing Options

We offer two subscription pricing options!

Add on Service: Winning Proposal Writing

PTO's and their members can become a winning proposal writer! Win local, state, federal and corporate grants for school systems. Built by federal proposal evaluators! Affordable, compact, and impactful. Grow your school system and your professional career!

Add On Service: Federal Career Accelerator

PTOs can help create a career guidance service to help struggling parents secure steady jobs with the federal government as federal employees, federal contractors, or grant employees. Learn the process to build a strong career in the federal ecosystem in the USA.

Add on Service: Sales Acceleration Program

PTOs, this program can help students, schools, parents, and the community business learn how to sell to large corporations and governments and build a successful sales career. Join now to learn how to sell from a buyer's perspective.

Add on Service: Federal Business Accelerator

PTOs, this comprehensive program "bundle" includes all the above programs and much more! This program can help students, schools, parents, and the community to create college graduates, careers, jobs, companies, and competitiveness in the local region.