“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford.

What is the Federal Partnerships Marketplace?

Curated | Video-Based | Affordable

Seek or offer partnerships. Grow with partner infrastructure. If you provide or plan to provide valuable products or services to the governments, contractors, suppliers, or service providers, then, discuss what problems you solve, how you solve them, and how it helps the governments in this digital partnership marketplace! This program includes the Federal Business Accelerator bundled program of 10+ courses!

  • Product Companies

    Are you a transformative startup or high-growth company with an innovative product for the government marketplace? Then join the federal marketplace to learn about selling to the government, showcasing your product digitally, and partnering with the government ecosystem!

  • Government Contractors

    Are you a transformative government contractor or system integrator? Then join the federal marketplace to learn about selling to the government, showcasing your services digitally, and partnering with the government ecosystem including VC-funded startups and research organizations!

  • Service Providers

    Are you a federally focused service provider like a law, accounting, or certification firm? Then join the federal marketplace to learn about selling to the government, showcasing your services digitally, and partnering with the government ecosystem including VC-funded startups and research organizations!

Apply for Federal Partnerships Marketplace
(Intermediate Program)

Includes Federal Business Accelerator
+ Federal Partnerships Marketplace Programs

Find and educate government and partners, 24 x 7, digitally, via curated videos of transformative products or services; create awareness, trust, influence, champions, and a community of interest for your company with a limited sales team. This program includes the Federal Business Accelerator (Foundational) bundled program of 10+ courses. You can apply for selection into this program by completing the application form via F6S.

Grow Via Federal Partnerships!

Don't build or buy business infrastructure. Develop markets via business partnerships! Deliver results faster, at lower risk, with limited resources, and local knowledge.

  • Educate Buyers & Partners

    Educate your government buyers, government contractors, and service providers digitally, on your new business models, innovations, and disruptions happening as a result of your transformative products, platforms, and services through advanced microlearning.

  • Deploy Digital Microlearning

    We work with you to host, and target, value-driven, industry-to-government, short, video-based microlearning programs powered by your business knowledge, experience, and expertise on our sophisticated microlearning delivery platform for educating buyers.

  • Build Influence Led Growth

    We help you create awareness, trust, influence, champions, and a community of interest for your target government buyers, government contractors, and service providers, 24 x 7, at scale, digitally, and affordably to help you win the hearts and minds of your buyer.

Why Do Federal Partnerships?

The 9 reasons to stop building or buying business infrastructure and executing business partnerships for federal opportunities!

  • Partner Knowledge

    You want to increase your local knowledge through your partner's experience, expertise, know-how, and local trust.

  • Build Company Image

    You want to build a brand name and image using a local partner's reputation, network, understanding, and image.

  • Build Complex Products

    You want to build and sell more complex and elaborate products or services and need access to expertise and technology.

  • Efficient Productization

    You want to lower the cost and time of product and service development and deployment by utilizing existing partner infrastructure.

  • Educate Markets

    You need to inform and educate your national or international marketplace at scale, efficiently, without adding more training resources.

  • Create Demand

    You want to develop US and global markets and create demand and opportunity without adding more human resources.

  • Cover Large Territory

    You have a large national or international territory for selling with insufficient salespersons or infrastructure.

  • Customer Acquisition

    You want to lower the cost and time for national or international customer acquisition without adding more marketing outlay.

  • Support Sales Team

    You want to improve your local support and maintenance options without adding significantly more resources.

Types of Federal Partnerships?

The 9 areas to "offer or seek" federal partnership opportunities to grow your company in government space!

  • Research and Development

    Research and development are the systematic studies an organization conducts to either create new products or services or improve their existing products or services.

  • Technology Transfer

    The transfer of technology in the form of intellectual property, from the place of origination where it was researched and developed to another secondary location by legal mechanisms for commercialization.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Contract manufacturing is the outsourcing of the full product or component parts of the manufacturing process by an original equipment manufacturer to a contract manufacturer.

  • Process Outsourcing

    Process outsourcing is the contracting of an organization's business responsibilities, operations, functions, activities, or processes to a third party.

  • Distributor or Reseller

    A distributor typically buys goods directly from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and sells to the resellers or sometimes to the end customers.

  • Marketing Agent

    A marketing agent is typically a sole proprietor or small business owner who represents a larger goods or services supplier in national or foreign markets without buying their goods.

  • Product Sourcing

    Governments, contractors, and system integrators need to source innovative and transformative products or platforms for integration into a larger system.

  • Joint Ventures

    Joint Venture is a specialized form of collaboration where a commercial enterprise is undertaken jointly by two or more parties that otherwise retain their distinct identities.

  • Capability Statements

    Create and promote your business capability statement in digital video format so governments and contractors can reach out to you for business and partnerships.

Federal Marketplace Explained!

Understand and join our transformative "Federal Marketplace" program to learn how to sell to the government. Create a digital video-based showcase of your products and services to educate the government. Search for partnerships with the government ecosystem to develop government markets.

  • Pitch Your Story Digitally!

    Why waste time searching for government buyers and business partners one-by-one? US and global businesses pitch your story digitally, at scale, to potential government buyers, contractors, and service providers. Offer or seek business opportunities for growth.

  • Offer or Seek Opportunities!

    Use our digital, video-based "marketplace" to show and tell your story to attract government buyers and business partnership inquiries. Then, locate, nurture, team up, partner, collaborate, or expand your government business exponentially.

  • Highlight Your Opportunities!

    Highlight your federal business partnership opportunities in areas including R&D, JV, Collaboration, Product Development, Contract Manufacturing, Marketing Agency, Distributorship, Product Sourcing, or anything else you need!

  • Video-Based Pitch Story!

    Organizations create and post your perfect, targeted, well-planned up to 15 minutes video infomercials under our guidance to help secure qualified inquiries for growth in the US government marketplace. Build trust and a brand.

  • Targeted Awareness Campaign!

    We will communicate or share the "federal partnership marketplace" to appropriate economic development organizations in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland regions for increased attention, collaboration, and inquiries. We promote the marketplace so the marketplace promotes your business.

  • Social Media Publicity!

    We will publicize the "federal marketplace" via LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media to gain attention, followers, and increased inquiries. Again, we promote the marketplace so the marketplace promotes your business.

  • First Video Is Free!

    Remember, we offer one free 15 minutes video infomercial upload per paid membership. Additional video uploads/changes are at US$1,000. Hosting of video included for each new, video for broader awareness and inquiries, as long as membership is live!

  • Just in Time Learning!

    Learn how to grow your business in the federal marketplace via our self-paced, digital, video programs, and workshops. Understand innovative techniques to educate government, contractors, and service providers. Save time, effort, and money via digital learning.

Nitin Pradhan

Ex-Federal CIO
Ex-Obama-Biden Appointee

Program Director

Nitin Pradhan has 25+ years of experience in delivering results-focused innovation, transformation, and business expansion for organizations. Nitin is currently the CEO of Launch Dream, the owner of ScaleUP USA, and the Federal Business Accelerator program. Nitin was also the Managing Partner of GOVonomy an "Innovation as a Service" for government and government contractors in the government sector. GOVonomy was acquired in 2021. Nitin is also on the advisory board of FitGov Summit, the nation's premier conference held in Washington DC.


Nitin was a first-term Obama administration appointee and the award-winning, nationally recognized federal, SES Level CIO for the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) where he provided IT leadership, vision, strategy, policy, and oversight for US DOT’s more than $3.5 billion annual IT investment portfolio and for over 3,000 IT employees, 10,000 contractors, and over 200 major transportation systems -- the 6th largest in the federal government.


Earlier, Nitin was the IT Executive at the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 10th largest school district in the USA. Nitin has also been the Managing Director of the prestigious Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), which is focused on technology-based economic development, and the CEO of a wireless startup, TechContinuum.

Nitin is a keynote speaker, board member, and author at major business-technology organizations and publications.


Nitin has a BS in engineering, MBA in marketing, and MS in accounting.

Nitin Pradhan Bio


You Asked. We Answered.

  • What is the Federal Marketplace program?

    The Federal Marketplace is an introductory video-based program to educate government and government contractor buyers on your products and services. It is jointly hosted with other companies in the Federal Marketplace and requires an investment of around $6,000 yearly subscription plus a 5% revenue share of the sales either directly to the government or government contractors. The program has three components:

    a. Federal Business Acceleration Bundled Program (10+ Courses)
    b. Create a digital video-based showcase of your products and services to educate the government.
    c. Seek or offer partnerships with the government ecosystem to develop government markets.

  • How do I activate the Federal Marketplace program?

    Once you apply for the program above, we will contact you via email to discuss possibilities and guide you through the steps to set up this program including how you can create the most impactful video for your company’s product or service.

  • Is this a subscription program?

    Yes. The program auto-renews at the end of the subscription unless canceled through the customer's admin console before it renews.

  • Who develops the company video for the Federal Marketplace?

    Since we want authentic, educational videos developed by experts with experience in the field, we encourage the company videos to be developed in-house in the company using local company expertise. Flashy, marketing-type videos do not generally generate the kind of response customers typically seek from government buyers! Scaleup USA is available to provide guidance on the content and curriculum for the creation of such authentic videos.